About Us


Our Vision

With new arrivals on the daily and boutiques and designers joining the party every week, we do the work for you. You’ll find new indie designers to love, shop the curated racks of influential boutiques all over the world and scroll through the coolest established brands who push the envelope on design, craftmanship and quality.

Who we are

We wanted to build a global platform where fashion’s curators and creators could rule online without compromise. That means every purchase you make goes through the designer or boutique directly. Sometimes the packages you get are wrapped and packed by the person who made it. Sometimes they’ve been packaged by the person who flew to Paris to find it.

Our Values

We’re a small team of fashion and tech lovers in the State of Indiana hustling every day to support our boutiques, designers and customers. For us business, like style, is personal. Give us a shout.

Take Your Way To Our Big Closets To See All Your Dream Items.

We love what we do and we do it with passion.